BioVeras Life Science Ledger
Platform Solution

Life Science Ledger (LSL) is a private and permissioned Blockchain solution that is optimized for pharma use cases e.g. Endpoint Adjudication, Remote Monitoring, Patient Consent etc. LSL is cloud based and can be referred to as Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) and is designed to enable scalable Clinical Trial Blockchain network applications.

With a user interface based on React, LSL provides a modern customer experience focused User Interface (UI) that is responsive and optimized for fetching rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded and decisioned. The React UI in LSL utilizes Node.js as an asynchronous event driven runtime engine providing the ability to handle numerous networking connections concurrently. LSL UI web services implemented in Node.js transform coarse grained blockchain data into fine grained RESTful UI services for consumption by the React UI. These RESTful UI services allow any web or mobile application to easily access Adjudication or other Clinical Study use case Blockchain data.